Adaptation Gap

Climate Scrutiny supports an approach to estimating the Adaptation Gap that is consistent with that used in the UNEP Adaptation Gap reports but is slightly different because it focuses on the estimate of full loss and damage (FL&D) and the effectiveness of public policy and expenditure in reducing FL&D. This creates a framework within which to monitor progress with new evidence on FL&D, climate expenditure and the effectiveness of that expenditure. These practices are relevant to businesses and government.

  1. Full Loss and Damage: estimate the potential FL&D, including three main types (ie natural resource productivity, heat stress and labour productivity and damage to assets) and how they affect economic growth, using CEGIM
  2. Expenditure: recent CC expenditure related and CC expenditure plans, using CPEIR
  3. CC Impact Assessment: review the effectiveness of each policy, using CCIA
  4. Adaptation Gap: potential FL&D minus reduced FL&D from finance scenarios equals the adaptation gap